About Me

CassieI started working professionally in technology well over a decade ago, when I finally moved from humble nerd beginnings playing around with ASCII-based RPGs on my favorite BBS and programming little games in QBasic to actually making money doing freelance website design. After earning a degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from Seattle Pacific University, I spent some time becoming experienced in hardware and software troubleshooting, as well as executive level support. I eventually found my passion by moving into the addictive world of tech startups, and became completely obsessed with user experience, UI design, and product/program management. I’ve been lucky to work in a diverse variety of wonderful environments: biomedical, academic, a consumer web dot-com startup, one of world’s largest websites, and now a SaaS cloud-based relationship marketing tool for life sciences. And I’m having a lot of fun.

A sucker for nearly all things geeky, I’m interested in automating as much of my life as possible through technology. Efficiency is a beautiful thing. I have a tendency to relate conversations to Star Wars. I love swing dancing and the Lindy Hop, good music, great UX, hiking, canoeing, and biking. Seattle is my dream city. My personality type is best described as ESTJ and I also enjoy long walks on the beach.

Feel free to drop me a line and say hello.